The final trailer for the long-awaited "Halloween" franchise has been released, and fans are excited to see the full movie.

The latest teaser is relatively shorter than the previous ones, but it's enough for horror fans to get a glimpse of the upcoming slasher film.

Supporters of the film since its first franchise in 1978 are in for a treat as previous survivors are back to stop Michael Myers from his killing spree once and for all. (watch the full trailer below)

"Halloween Kills" will be set in the town of Haddonfield, where the classic killer murdered many people decades ago. Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is one of the survivors, and she's back for the sequel.

Laurie's former babysitting charge, Lindsey Wallace, portrayed by "RHOBH" star Kyle Richards, is also present in which she can be seen at the beginning of the trailer asking kids playing at the playground whether they saw a man wearing a white mask before ultimately chasing them.

The upcoming film picks up where the first movie left off. Michael Myers is trapped under Laurie's basement in which they burned down as the remaining members of Strode family trying to flee from the scene.

The first trailer, released in June, shows a group of firefighters on their way to the burning house to extinguish the fire. Laure can be seen screaming for her life, saying, "let it burn!"

The group of women joined forces to take matters into their own hands to stop evil once and for all.

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Michael Myers was able to escape the terrible mishap and decided to murder the firefighters.

According to Collide, other returning cast members include Anthony Michael Hall as a grown-up Tommy Dole, Kyle Richards, and Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers.

The first film of the trilogy, "Halloween," was released in 2018, and it amassed positive reviews from fans and critics.

"Halloween Kills" will be released on October 15 in theatres; it is also available for streaming on Peacock.

The final film of the trilogy, "Halloween Ends," will be released next year. David Gordon Green directs all movies.

Both the second and final films were written by Green, Danny McBride, and Scott Teams.

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