James Corden becomes a trending Twitter topic after his most recent episode from "The Late Late Show," and it's not for the right reasons.

The host made the biggest mistake that resulted in his name getting dragged all over social media. According to sources, James had mentioned BTS' attendance at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York while making fun of the band's fanbase.

Cordon attempted to make the situation into a funny segment but ended up offending BTS' fans- ARMYs. The first red flag had been his use of words as he described the artists' appearance at the UN as "unusual."

James Disappoints ARMYs

The 43-year old continued to dig his own grave by continuing his commentary, "Although lots of people are saying why are BTS there, the world leaders have no choice but to take BTS seriously."

"BTS has one of the largest ARMY on the planet earth. Historic moment. Actually marks the first time that 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing they were Secretary-General António Guterres.," James joked to the live audience.

Based on this article, the South Korean group was invited by the United Nations as a special envoy for President Moon Jae In.

BTS had taken center stage at the general assembly, where they addressed the attendees and every listener from around the globe about society's issues. Specifically, the world's ongoing struggle with climate change and the topic of vaccine hesitancy.

The organization live-streamed the event on YouTube and garnered over six million views during the band's speech and in-house performance.

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Fans React on Twitter

The BTS fandom gathered on Twitter with their different and various approach to the situation. One thing is for sure- James Corden's name is now written on ARMYs' blacklist.

The TV personality soon deleted his post as more and more fans call him out for his unwarranted comment, "Not James Corden deleting the video being shady towards BTS. After 88M views for the carpool karaoke?? Yes James, 88 M' 15yo girls' did that."

  "I mean I love how Jimmy Fallon is not loud [a] fan of BTS unlike James Corden a loud fan of BTS but also a clout chaser," said one user who mentioned "The Tonight Show" host as a better comparison to James.

Another fan connected the dots with their tweet, "Isn't it weird that BTS used to usually, always perform at [James Corden's] show but didn't for butter and [Permission To Dance] suddenly while they did perform in Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's shows...."

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