Chloe Bennet manages to stop the rumors about Marvel's mysterious "Secret Invasion" project with just one phrase.

The "Agents of SHIELD" star had stirred the pot with her decision to quit CW's live-action series in more than one way. Avid fans began to relate her early departure on "Powerpuff Girls" as a sign that the actress was involved in another Marvel project.

Sources reported speculations circulating in the Marvel fandom that Chloe had left the pilot project earlier than expected to reprise her role as Daisy Johnson.

The situation had gotten out of hand as several individuals began to bombard Bennet with questions about the alleged rumors through her Instagram DMs. One of them even managed to ask the celeb in person after encountering Chloe in public.

Chloe Denies The Rumors

The starlet finally breaks her silence with her recent Instagram story, wherein she denies all connection to the comic book franchise.

In the eleven-part social media post, the actress had directly addressed the incident by saying, "I am in no way attached or involved, even at all or a little bit, in the Secret Invasion Marvel thing. I honestly don't even know what that is."

Bennet had expected the issue to "maybe blow over," but instead, it had escalated to a point where she keeps receiving "hundreds of messages" every day asking her about the subject.

The fans' obsession had reached new heights as Chloe then retold her whole experience with a Marvel supporter who harassed her earlier that day while doing her errands. "I'm getting approached in person- today it was in the tampon aisle at Target. A little inappropriate," she exclaimed.

The 29-year old concluded her video by repeating her earlier statement, "I have no involvement in [Secret Invasion.] I'm sorry to break the news to you about that, but hopefully, this puts that to rest."

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Secret Invasion Comes To Life?

According to this article, Disney+ had previously announced that they were in the process of creating a new series based on the 2008 Marvel comic book of the same name.

The media company had already signed Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn to return to their recurring role as Nick Fury and Talos, respectively. The crossover storyline involves Chole Bennet's Quake as one of the leading characters in the upcoming series.

Other industry big-names who are either confirmed or rumored to be starring in the Marvel show are Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Christopher McDonald, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

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