Prince Charles has a different life from anyone else as he is a part of the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II's successor to the throne. Diet is a significant part of his lifestyle because he doesn't eat non-organic meals; that's why he brings his own food whenever he's not in the palace.

According to Express UK, this interesting habit of the Prince is not well received by some of his peers, saying it's "odd."

Whenever the royal family hosts a state banquet or visits the Balmoral for a barbecue feast, they ensure that their food is local and in season.

The outlet mentioned that food is a great pride within members of the firm, and they have been into seasonal food long before high street markets existed.

Prince Charles is keen when it comes to his food intake as he only eats organic dishes. Over the years, he has been interested in how it's grown, leading him to introduce it across the royal palaces.

However, his love for produce and habit of bringing his own food has raised a few eyebrows.

According to royal author Lady Colin Campbell, the Prince of Wales would often arrive at country homes with bags full of his own organic ingredients, and she feels that it is not necessary.

Speaking to Channel 5's documentary, "Secrets of The Royal Kitchens," Campbell mentioned that "not everybody thinks it's a good thing to do," but people have no choice but to put up with it. (watch the full documentary above)

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Prince Charles' Other Habit Causes Problem Among Royal Staff Members

In early reports, Prince Charles has been following a diet schedule similar to intermittent fasting. The future king would often eat a light meal during breakfast and a heavy main course at dinner.

Per Sally Bedell Smith, the Prince has been eating the same breakfast for years. His starter includes wheat germ and cereal grains with honey.

However, the future monarch's schedule also affects his royal staff whenever they have foreign tours because they skip their meals during lunch.

"He doesn't seem to notice all the rumbling stomachs around him," a source told The Daily Mail UK.

Gordon Rayner previously said that the royal staff would bring snacks to eat light food wherever they go.

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