As Daniel Craig's final film as James Bond approaches, many fans are coming up with their predictions on who should play the famous British spy; among the well-known contenders is Henry Cavill, who auditioned for the role in the past but wasn't successful, could this be his second chance?

Fans recently took to Twitter and insisted that Cavill should be the next James Bond.

"How about Henry Cavill being the next Mr Bond?! James Norton could also be a good fit for the job!" one fan wrote.

"So it looks like the two people in line to play James Bond is either Henry Cavill or Tom Hardy. #JamesBond007 #NextInLine" another fan wrote.

At the time of this writing, the film's production nor Henry Cavill has not publicly responded regarding the matter.

Henry Cavill Previously Auditioned For James Bond But Was Rejected; Here's Why

Cavill previously had his eyes on the James Bond role, but he couldn't get it due to his physical appearance.

According to Cavill's interview with Men's Health, as reported by CNN, the "Man of Steel" actor auditioned for the role in the mid-2000s.

While on set, he was asked to walk out of a bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist for a screen test, but it didn't go well.

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He mentioned that the director, Martin Campbell, rejected him because he looked "a little chubby."

Instead of taking it negatively, Cavill used his rejection as an inspiration to "get better" as he started training and having a strict diet following his audition.

At the time, Daniel Craig got the role, and Cavill became a star of "The Tudors." The actor went on to dominate the Hollywood scene by starring Superman in DC movies.

Cavill's first role that required his "shirt off" was in the 2011 movie "Immortals," in which he underwent intense martial arts training and a six-month diet.

Other Actors Who Are Possibly Taking The Role of James Bond

According to The Independent UK, many actors are possibly taking the role of James Bond aside from Cavill.

Henry Golding of "Crazy Rich Asians" is one of the contenders; he previously told in an interview that he sparked Bond rumors at the time of his film's release. He mentioned that he's Asian, and everybody is fighting for diversity.

Other actors include Idris Elba, Sam Heughan, Rege-Jean Page, James Norton, and more.

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