Shia LaBeouf's ex-girlfriend, Margaret Qualley, speaks about FKA Twigs, who accused her ex of physical and emotional abuse.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, as reported by Page Six, Qualley says she believes the singer's allegations against the actor.

"It was important to me for her to know that I believe her-and it's as simple as that," Qualley said, referring to her breakup with LaBeouf a week after FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit.

The singer filed a lawsuit against the "Transformers" actor for allegedly abusing her. She accused LaBeouf of sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress.

The actor has vehemently denied "each and every allegation."

Qualley then relates her role in the upcoming film "Maid," whose character suffers from emotional abuse. She mentioned that abuse is common, and more than half of people globally experience "some level of psychological threat within a relationship" throughout their life.

The actress revealed she did her best to study the script and experience herself to Alex's (her role) reality "as much as possible within the scene."

In early reports, LaBeouf and Quality have reportedly split amid the FKA Twigs' accusations against the actor.

A source previously spoke to People saying the actress was aware of the "backlash" she would amass from the public if she continued dating the actor.

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FKA Twigs' Allegations Against Shia LaBeouf

In a report published by The New York Times, FKA Twigs alleged that the actor threatened to crash the car in which she is a passenger if she did not profess her love to him.

The musician claims she begged to get out of the vehicle; LaBeouf later pulled over at a gas station where he allegedly assaulted her.

The ex-couple first met in 2018 in a movie set, but they did not start dating until the end of the filming. She mentioned that the early stages of their relationship were filled with affection leading her to trust him completely.

However, the relationship later took a different turn when LaBeouf allegedly gave her a sexually transmitted disease despite knowing his sickness.

LaBeouf responded to the allegations via email, saying he has no excuses for his alcoholism or aggression; he also admitted that he's been abusive to himself and everyone around him for years.

However, in a separate email, the actor denied the issue.

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