Time is ticking for Jennifer Aniston that she's already seeking professional help for her worries.

According to Life and Style magazine, the "Friends" star is reportedly in therapy to help improve her life.

Why is Jennifer Aniston in Therapy?

The outlet claims that Jennifer Aniston is undergoing therapy so that once her life improves, her love life also improves.

An insider revealed, "Jen's definitely on a quest."

"She feels that everything she did to better herself brings her that much closer to finding lasting love."

The insider further said that though it may seem that the blonde bombshell has a perfect life, it is said to be far from the truth.

"Beauty, career, fame and fortune - but she's gone through so many highs and lows."

But what saved Aniston is reportedly the therapy.

Is Jennifer Aniston Really in Therapy for Her Love Life?

Jennifer Aniston guested on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where she made some shocking revelations about her life, particularly the struggles she has been going through as a person.

In that interview, the actress said she discovered that mental health is really important and should be in check, which is why she is undergoing therapy.

Additionally, she further claimed how forgiveness is easy and essential when learning about it in her sessions.

The 52-year-old "Murder Mystery" actress also had to deal with the sudden death of her therapist, just a short while after she and her ex-husband Brad Pitt divorced years ago.

Following that traumatic event, Aniston learned that she had learned so much from her therapist.

However, while there is some truth to Jennifer Aniston going to therapy for years now, finding her forever love and working on her love life is not the main reason for doing so.

Her goal is not to so she could eventually end up with someone, but to keep her mental health in check.

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Jennifer Aniston Giving Up on Love?

A few months ago, Life and Style also claimed that "The Morning Show" star has entirely given up on finding her person after actively looking for one.

Per their source, "She has to make sure she clicks with someone before she's going to make the effort to venture out of her bubble."

"But she has secretly met up with one suitor at the mall."


The Truth About These Jennifer Aniston Stories

One should take the outlet's reports with a grain of salt.

As previously mentioned, Aniston confessed that she is undergoing therapy to keep her mental health in check and not because of finding a man.

Meanwhile, nobody knows for sure if Aniston has given up on love entirely unless she has confirmed it herself.

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