Queen Elizabeth II alarmed the royal fans with her recent public outing, making them worried about her current health status.

The ever jolly Queen was recently spotted arriving at Westminster Abbey wearing a blue outfit, black gloves, and her signature handbag.

While everything looked usual, royal fans immediately noticed the walking stick she used as she left her career. Queen Elizabeth II has rarely done it in the previous years, but when she did, it meant she just dealt with health problems.

According to express.uk, the Queen began using the walking stick for comfort. She also holds it in order to keep herself balanced as she walks. The last time the public saw her with a walking aid was in 2003, after Her Majesty underwent knee surgery.

At that time, Queen Elizabeth II received a 45-minute operation under her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rogers Vickers. The minor surgery focused on the torn cartilage in her right knee. After the procedure, she was discharged from the hospital one day after and spent weeks recovering at Sandringham.

Is Queen Elizabeth's Health Getting Worse?

As a 95-year-old monarch, the Queen received enough praises and questions about her longevity.

However, like other royals, she already suffered from multiple health scares in the past that sparked talks about her potential abdication.

In 2013, the monarch underwent a thorough assessment after showing symptoms of gastroenteritis. It seemed worse that she had to cancel all her official engagements after visiting the medical facility.

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Only last year, she canceled her engagement at the Women's Institute due to her health status. A security team member revealed that she suffered from a slight cold - which can eventually be tricky due to her old age.

Pharmacist Shamir Patel, founder of Chemist 4 U told express.co.uk that it was not something to be shrugged off as it may lead to "something more serious," most especially since Queen Elizabeth II is already old.

"When your body is young, fit, and healthy, it's often no problem to fight off a light cold, but in an elderly person, it poses a higher risk," Patel said. "A common cold can last much longer, and is also more likely to lead to something more serious."

As Queen Elizabeth II adds one year to her age soon, royal fans expect her to slow down and let the central members do the work for her.

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