Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. 

Everybody wants to be their friend and mingle with them, even invite them to their exclusive parties. 

But that reportedly won't last forever. 

royal commentator has said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should try to enjoy having their celebrity friends right now because they are "fickle" and wouldn't obviously pass up an opportunity to perform for the British royal family or visit the palace. 

Neil Sean said on his YouTube channel that Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William learned the hard way that celebrities are very fickle. He explained how they "will attach themselves to whoever at the right time." 

Prince William's position in the monarchy's future is also something many celebrities would want to be friends with - like who wouldn't want to be friends with a king? 

Now, the commentator issued a warning to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that they should enjoy this moment because "because moving forward I can see the celebrities given an opportunity to perform in front of royalty will definitely take that over some hotel in the middle of Manhattan."

The royal commentator's warning comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were told to "seriously think" about their brand moving forward after their "bad PR."

The parents of Lilibet Diana and Archie Harrison have reportedly been called out for speaking about their time as senior royal members.

They also flew to New York for political engagements and even signed multimillion-dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify. 

The royal commentator explained, "We're talking about the birthday video, The Bench book, the New York trip. A lot of people say, 'you're contributing to that.'" 

He went on to say that these weren't even successful.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were also accused of confusing the public by doing what seemed to be royal visits, especially after attending the Global Citizen Live concert and meeting with the New York mayor and governor. 

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The Highly Expected Christening of Lilibet Diana

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's plans on Lilibet Diana's christening are still confusing many people because of conflicting reports.

A few months after her birth, she still has yet to be baptized in the UK, like her older brother Archie Harrison. 

But if Lili is not baptized in the UK, she'll miss out on one royal tradition Archie and Prince Harry enjoyed during their christening. 

She won't be wrapped in a white silk gown with intricate lace overlay, which was clothing that was commissioned as early as 1841 by Queen Victoria.

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