Though it has already been confirmed that Brian Laundrie is dead after dental records of the human remains found last week matched his, many internet sleuths still believe he's out there hiding.

They claim that Laundrie, who is Gabby Petito's fiancé and the only person of interest in her death, is alive and now living pretending as police.

They took to TikTok and Twitter to discuss their theories, with one claiming that they saw him walking with his dad, Chris Laundrie.

TikTok Theory - Brian Laundrie is Alive

A TikTok user posted a blurry picture showing a police officer that looked precisely like Brian Laundrie.

In the photo, the man wore a baseball cap and glasses and walked next to Chris on Oct. 7.

@Conspiracyteacrimetimeee captioned the TikTok post, "Brian Laundrie's father seen laughing with officer who looks exactly like his son while on their search in Carlton Reserve."

The video then showed another picture of Brian's profile side by side next to the image of the officer.

"Searching for Brian with Brian? Anybody finding this very strange?"

Other internet sleuths even further claimed that Brian Laundrie's remains were never found because he is not dead but very much alive.

Human Bones are Not Expensive

Another internet sleuth suggested that human bones are very cheap to purchase and claimed that Brian Laundrie's parents could've bought them and placed them where they found him in an elaborate attempt to keep him alive.

On a Gabby Petito Facebook group, One person wrote, "What do we think about it the parents buying real human bones from a site like this," and included a screenshot of a website that sells human bones.

"bones are fairly easy to obtain and more affordable than you'd think. I mean obviously they would have outsourced the purchase," they said.

"Maybe they are hoping they won't be able to identify the bones so they will be assumed as Brian Laundrie's."

But the poster said that despite it being a bit hard to believe and a little crazy type of theory, it's their favorite one."

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Other Brian Laundrie Theories

Before confirming Brian Laundrie's death, some theories said he was hiding in his parents' bunker.

Others also suggested that he sent his parents letters in secret code words to hide them from the police.

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