A few days after the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, experts blame the accidental shooting on Alec Baldwin. 

A firearm expert believes that the Hollywood A-list star should be held responsible. 

Special-effects and firearms expert Steve Wolf told the New York Post that Baldwin should've memorized a couple of the gun safety rules. 

"If you're capable of memorizing 120 pages of dialogue, you can memorize four lines of gun safety."

He went on to question, "If that scene required him to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger, I'm sure he would have taken a look inside the gun. Wouldn't you?"

Alec Baldwin's Other Role on 'Rust'

Not only is Alec Baldwin the star of his movie "Rust," but he also has a producer role with it. 

The firearms expert believes that Baldwin should be held culpable because he may have done some cost-cutting by hiring an "inexperienced" young armorer responsible for their weapons. 

According to several reports, other armorers who were supposed to work on the set turned down the job because the offer was too low while the stakes were high. 

There is reportedly a lot of firearms to be handled. 

Wolf revealed to the Post, "They hired someone who was insufficiently experienced. If he's the producer, the buck stops with him."

Alec Baldwin, who has starred in numerous films in the 80s and 90s, is expected to be very cautious while working with real firearms on set and according to Wolf, one of the essential things a veteran actor like him should never forget is to "not point guns at people" and "don't point guns at anything you don't want to put a whole in."

Retired FBI Agent Bobby Chacon also agreed that many Hollywood set prefer saving money over their safety. 

"They were very penny-wise and pound-foolish. Sometimes [they] would try to save my paltry daily fee on days when [actors] were just going have their guns out as opposed to using them."

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Four Basic Rules of Working with Guns on Set

Chacon also spoke to the New York Post to reveal the four basic rules of guns on the set. 

The first one is to assume that the gun is always loaded. 

The second rule is not to point the gun at anything or person you don't want to kill or destroy. 

The third rule is never to put your finger on the trigger unless you want to kill someone. 

The last rule is to know where the target is and what is behind the target. 

Firearm experts think that Baldwin did ignore the golden rule of gun safety by pointing it at someone.

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