Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson held hands as they braved a rollercoaster during their theme park trip, but not everyone is impressed.

On October 29, Kardashian and Davidson went on a late-night trip with Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian, Harry Hudson, Stephanie Shepherd, and several friends.

When they tried riding a rollercoaster, a skinship happened and led to fans assuming they are dating but copying her sister and Barker.

On Twitter, internet users accused the KKW Beauty Mogul of copying her elder sister for publicity and attention.

One user said, "I love Kim but all of a sudden she's copying & doing what "the most least interesting to look at" is doing. I just can't. It's cringe to me. She sees Kourtney living her best life & in the headlines all the time now. Kim just isn't original. She'll use people to be trendy."

"Finding out at that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are rumored to be dating is so funny to me bc she sees all the attention Kourtney/ Travis and Megan/ MGK are getting and she wants in on that aesthetic," another assumed.

A source already clarified that they are only friends, but people could not help but think relationship news would come soon.

Where Did It All Started?

In October, Kardashian and Davidson shared a steamy SNL skit when they did a parody of Disney's Aladdin. At that time the "King of the Staten Island" actor told he might not be able to control himself.

Meanwhile, Kardashian, who played Princess Jasmine's role, said Davidson was just curious until they became more intimate.

A source told Radar that Davidson started pursuing the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star outside the "Saturday Night Live" set.

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"Pete was more supportive than anyone in the cast when Kim hosted. He went out of his way to make sure she was comfortable and even took time to privately coach Kim to make sure all her jokes landed," the insider said.

However, a friend of the model said Davidson is not truly her type and only sees her as a friend.

Kardashian divorced Kanye West earlier this year while Davidson broke up with Phoebe Dynevor after five months of dating.

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