Royal experts broke their silence and commented on Buckingham Palace's part in disseminating information about Queen Elizabeth II's health.

In the past weeks, Buckingham Palace has been continuously offering limited and outdated updates about Queen Elizabeth II. For instance, royal experts pointed out that the public could have known about the Queen's sprained back ahead of Remembrance Sunday. However, it was only revealed on the day of the event.

Following the incident, "Royally Obsessed" hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie touched on Buckingham Palace's way of communication in the past weeks.

According to the royal experts, the Palace's communication team cannot be trusted when it comes to the Queen's health.

"It just feels like we get the news way after things have already been in motion. It just makes me more stressed than her normal health issues would make me because there's a lot of manipulation behind it," they claimed.

Fiorito and Bowie also said everyone knew the Queen needed to rest following her overnight hospitalization. However, they pointed out that no one would seemingly know about it if they ever saw the Queen in the medical facility.

In addition, the experts said Queen Elizabeth II was back on her duty when General Nick Carter visited Windsor three days after spraining her back and missing the Remembrance Day.

What Is Happening To Queen Elizabeth II?

Although Queen Elizabeth II's physical status remains unclear, several sources revealed that Her Majesty also deals with emotional and personal issues.

Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe recently said to OK! Magazine that the Queen's early visit to Sandringham was a major sign of personal crisis.

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"The Queen always goes to Sandringham for Christmas but I've never known her to head there as early as she did," he said. "It may be that she was there because of her health issues but she may well have made the decision to visit because that's where she feels closest to Philip."

Some royal fans also noticed that the Queen worked harder in the early weeks after Prince Philip's death. However, the monarch started suffering from the effects of exhausting herself in the past month.

Buckingham Palace still has not issued a new statement to address Queen's future engagements. For now, royal fans are hoping Her Majesty will be back on her feet soon.

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