Simon Cowell is reportedly engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, after he experienced a traumatic accident.

Speculations about the former "American Idol" judge and his romantic relationship with his socialite beau have spread like wildfire on the internet. According to the National Enquirer via Suggest, Cowell is ready for marital life and is prepared to ask Silverman to marry him anytime soon.

Based on the article, the celebrity has decided to pursue this life-changing step with his girlfriend due to the horrific bike accident that had scarred him for life.

Is Simon Cowell Engaged?

Cowell walked away from the tragedy with a broken back and a "new lease on his life." One source close to the television personality claimed that "It was a miracle he wasn't permanently paralyzed. The ordeal has made him appreciate what he has!"

The publication also mentioned that Simon Cowell didn't want to label his entrepreneur girlfriend as "the one who got away" and would most likely tie her down to him with a wedding soon.

"It will happen in the spring or summer," one inside source relayed and even said that Silverman has been someone that the British record executive has been relying on for years now. "She's been his rock and he wants to repay her with the wedding of her dreams!" the insider remarked.

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Simon Cowell Replaced by Gary Barlow

Cowell made headlines soon after the rumors of their engagement broke loose as news of him being replaced on his musical game show "Walk The Line" started gaining media coverage. Deadline reported that musician Gary Barlow would become the show's new host.

The celebrity had also missed out on a lot of screentime and presented on his other shows such as "Britain's Got Talent," and its American counterpart.

When interviewed about his recovery from his back injury, Cowell answered that his priorities have since changed. The star firmly stated that he wants to "focus" more on his personal life with Silverman and his role as a creator and producer rather than his several hosting gigs.

The paparazzi reportedly spotted the two lovebirds recently taking a stroll out in London, which made the producer's priorities clear.

One informant shared that the socialite "never pushed" anything onto Simon Cowell, and he decided to lessen his schedule. A representative from ITV Studios, who handles Cowell's show, said that their team is "delighted" to welcome Barlow and fully supported Cowell in his decision to transfer his role to him.

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