Actor Ben Affleck reportedly is not growing well since he has rekindled his relationship with Jennifer Lopez after their 2004 split.

Rumor has it that the singer has been detrimental to "The Last Duel" actor's mental health and sobriety. Suggest has also listed numerous reports from sites mentioning that their reconciliation is not helping Affleck.

It has been months since Lopez and Affleck confirmed their relationship this summer, with the help of photos where the public spotted them kissing and later on made themselves Instagram official.

In The Course Of Their Relationship

However, Star reported via the said outlet, the "On The Floor" singer had been using her relationship with Ben Affleck to increase her popularity. One insider said, "They've done a masterful job of projecting a fairytale to the world that they're head over heels in love again, but it's all kind of a game for them and a different story when the cameras are off."

"Jen's a genius at positioning herself a certain way, and she's got the man of her dreams back where she wants him and the world eating out of her hand," another informant claimed. They even added that Lopez's "Hollywood lifestyle" is not helping the actor's sobriety at all.

Another speculation from In Touch claimed that Affleck appeared "really thin and tired" in a recent outing. The outlet proclaimed that this actor's side was less "glamorous" during a movie premiere held in Venice, France.

"He certainly lights up for the cameras, but the guy in the tux smiling on the red carpet with no care in the world is not the real Ben," they said.

This is also supported by Woman's Day, where their source leaked that Affleck "still gambles and is in contact with some old friends who could be considered shady," continuing, "Ben is much more fragile than he looks."

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Suggest ended up investigating these speculations and debunked all of them untrue. His Venice appearance, along with his girlfriend, even made a reporter comment on his smiling, for which he responded, "It is a very happy time in my life. Life is good."

Despite the amount of reports' insistence that something is going downhill with their relationship, "the couple seems to be happy as ever," per source.

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