Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ending their "tiresome" relationship?

Prince Harry and Meghan surely have their own marital problems that they can easily resolve all the time. But the sweet times between the two reportedly came to an end after their "worst fight ever" happened,

According to Woman's Day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got into a fight where they decided to finally end their relationship. The news outlet disclosed that Prince Harry was furious when he found out his wife had something to do with the publication of "Finding Freedom."

For what it's worth, they have been insisting that the book was an unauthorized biography about them, telling the public they never worked with the authors to make it.

Meghan's video where she encouraged Joe Biden also hit Prince Harry's nerves as involving herself in government matters while she remains a royal broke the ultimate royal rule.

Lastly, Prince Harry reportedly had enough when the Duchess forced her to sign the multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix.

Are Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Divorcing After These Issues?

While having an argument between married couples is normal, it is dubious how the news outlet managed to "get the information" and report it to the public.

The Duke of Sussex also made sure that he is with his wife on all the projects she wants. That explains why he has been involved in the Netflix deal and several interviews with his wife.

It is implausible that Sussex would end their relationship when they got a happy family of four. For what it's worth, the couple were overjoyed and overwhelmed following Lili's birth.

Meanwhile, one of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends recently revealed why the royal prince married her in the first place.

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Florence St. George recently told The Times that she was thankful her relationship with Prince Harry was short-lived. She revealed that she felt their relationship was not the right thing when the attention she received intensified. In comparison, Meghan had been used to public appearances as an actress.

In the end, St. George seemingly applauded Meghan for staying with Prince Harry, saying, "I take my hat off to people who can cope with that lifestyle, but I knew I couldn't."

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