Kate Middleton may be living a glamorous life as a royal after marrying Prince William in 2011, but she had a tough childhood as it was revealed that the Duchess was once bullied during her teenage days.

According to Jessica Hay, who spoke to the News of the World in 2010, as reported by Express UK, the Duchess of Cambridge experienced a harrowing childhood as other girls in her school bullied her.

Middleton attended the prestigious Downe House girls boarding school in Berkshire.

Hay said the students there were "horrible." The reason why they bullied her was because she was "perfect."

However, the Duchess never had the chance to defend herself from her bullies as she was not the type of person to "stick up for herself."

At the age of 13, her family decided that she transfer schools. She later studied at the Marlborough College, where she graduated high school.

Later in life, she attended college at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she met the Prince of Cambridge.

Other Difficulties That Kate Middleton Faced As a Student

Royal expert Katie Nicholl previously claimed in the book "Kate: The Future Queen" that the Duchess had a hard time studying in a competitive environment of an all-girls school.

One of her peers, Emma Sayle, said everyone in their school wanted to be "the best, the fittest, and the prettiest."

Middleton didn't like the environment, as Sayle described her as "miserable" because there was a lot of pressure.

The Duchess' former headmistress, Susan Cameron, previously clarified that she didn't know that Middleton was seriously bullied when she was studying.

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However, she did acknowledge that there would be teasing on some occasions.

"It's all a part of the normal competition of growing up, of establishing a pecking order," she added.

The Duchess was a quiet student back then; as Cameron said, she "didn't say anything" about the horrendous teasing she experienced.

Kate Middleton's Love For Children

Despite the Duchess of Cambridge having a rough childhood, it didn't stop her from loving children as she later had her own kids.

Middleton shares three children with Prince William named Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, which will later become the future heirs to the throne.

To prove her love for younger generations, the Duchess established the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

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