Ben Affleck recalled the life-changing moment he had because of Jennifer Lopez following his "Gigli" disaster.

Nearly two decades since "Gigli" presented Affleck and Lopez on the big screen, the movie's impression after being a flop still lingers. Time reported that the film had a $54 million budget but only got $6 million in sales domestically.

The same film also scored an embarrassing 6 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, reportedly because of its poor screenplay and clumsy plot.

Years after "Gigli" arrived, Affleck reflected on the film's bad side and the brighter one because of Lopez.

"Gigli" Flopped Affleck's Career

In his new interview with Matt Damon for Entertainment Weekly, Affleck revealed that he felt that the movie was doomed from the start. The actor even compared it to a "horse's head in a cow's body."

"The studio at the time, because I had begun having this relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which was selling a lot of magazines and appeared to generate a lot of enthusiasm, they just predictably latched onto, 'They want a romantic comedy. They want the two of them together. More of that!'" he continuously said.

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Unfortunately, it was a bad idea.

The film itself reportedly became a story about them as a couple, and it only overexposed them to the public.

Because of what happened, "Gigli" reportedly caused negative feelings in people about him. As a result, it made him feel depressed as he questioned things and developed self-doubt.

Despite that, he looked at the brighter side of the film and thanked Lopez for giving him hope.

"Gigli" Was a Blessing In Disguise, Per Ben Affleck

Amid all the negative things that happened, he was reportedly fortunate to be part of the film as he discovered the two loves of his life at that time - Lopez and directing.

According to Affleck, if the negative reaction toward "Gigli" never occurred, he would never decide to start directing movies as well. Because of the film, he learned that directing was truly the real love of his professional life.

On top of that, he met Lopez, whom he referred to as someone "meaningful" in his life.

"It's not like it's worse than all... there's a bunch of horrible movies and in terms of losing money, I've had five movies - at least! - that have lost more money than Gigli has," he went on.

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