Ben Affleck is still recovering from his controversial interview last month after commenting on his relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. The situation caused Jennifer Lopez to have her mother move in with them together to change the mood, but the actor seems to disagree; could this be true?

According to a report published by the National Enquirer, after Affleck got embroiled in a controversy after saying he would "probably still drinking" alcohol if he's still in a relationship with Jennifer Garner, the incident spurred the singer to let Guadalupe Rodriguez move into their household.

The magazine suggests that the "Jenny From the Block" hitmaker's mom is a frequent guest in their home in Los Angeles, California, but she's now gearing up to move in permanently.

JLo and her boyfriend are reportedly too busy with their respective careers as an actor and a singer to handle simple household chores like cooking, cleaning, and the likes.

Luckily for the two, Lopez's mom is an expert in all of those skills. Guadalupe Rodriguez is said to adore Affleck, and she wanted to be present at all times to be a "confidante and sensible guiding force."

Despite the singer's mother's efforts, the actor is unhappy with her moving in.

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The Truth About Guadalupe Rodriguez's Moving In Plans

Suggest later debunked the claims by pointing out a few of the magazine's inconsistencies, saying the story is strange as it combined two completely different topics: Affleck's comments about Jennifer Garner and the couple's living arrangements.

The outlet also noted that Rodriguez was portrayed as a housekeeper and the story shifted its focus in the middle, far from its title, which is "to tame the chaos."

In addition, the outlet pointed out that the story is insulting, as Lopez wouldn't let her mother cook and clean her million-dollar home in California as she has plenty of money to hire staff members that would do the job.

The only accurate part of the story was Guadalupe Rodriguez is a big fan of Affleck, and they already spent time with each other in the past, like gambling in Las Vegas.

An insider spoke to Page Six, saying Rodriguez and Affleck have been close since the couple started dating in the early 2000s.

"Guadalupe loved Ben. She was sad when they couldn't work things out years ago. She is thrilled that they are back together now," the source said.

Furthermore, the outlet noted that there is no substantial evidence to prove the magazine's claims about Rodriguez moving into her daughter's home.

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