Dan Bilzerian is not letting Hillary Clinton come anywhere near his plane.

While Bilzerian is an Instagram celebrity and Clinton is a politician, apparently Bilzerian has some power over her. Last Tuesday, TMZ caught up with the man to ask if he's letting the runner for president use his private airplane. As it turns out, that is not happening.

"She's banned," Bilzerian said. "I banned her. Code X. She's off the list."

The social media guy seems pretty anti-Hillary since the idea of her touching his stuff does not appeal to him.

"I can't have my s-it get contaminated like that," he said.

Bilzerian was then asked what the craziest thing he's ever done on that plane was. He said there was a time when pilots had to crawl under his bed.

Check it out below.

Bilzerian is having himself a pretty memorable year especially with his latest bike trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. When his betting partner Bill Perkins opened up to New York Post on the Instagram star's voyage, it came with some massive side effects.

"He looks like the Grinch- his skin is green," Perkins said about Bilzerian. "He's looking like death right now. He's in bed with chafed buttocks, a fever, hot and cold [flashes], chills, wobbly legs. His immune system is down, and every virus you can have is rising. I was hoping his muscles would seize up [mid-ride], but they didn't."

Perkins also explained how Bilzerian had a van in front of him with its back doors open for the ride to help lower resistance.

"There's no doubt he had a mechanical advantage, and I didn't know he would be so close to the van," he said. "But you need to look at the totality and spirit of the bet. His drafting might have saved him 5,000 calories, but he had 14 hours in which to finish the bet. I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation and realized that he would have won even without the drafting."