Dragon Ball Super is arguably in its most intense arc to date, with Future Trunks making it back to the past and Black Goku finally figuring out a way to pursue his prey. Indeed, Episode 49 was exactly what fans expected - a very good prelude to an epic battle.

What makes Dragon Ball Super pretty great is the fact that the plot moves very quickly. Indeed, the arc is but a few episodes in, but a lot of very important plot points have already been discussed.

For one, Episode 49 featured Whis and Beerus chancing upon Future Trunks' time machine. During this scene, Whis explains the possible consequences of time travel, basically discussing a Butterfly Effect resulting in a completely different future.

Some more exposition was also done regarding Trunks' time machine, with present-day Bulma finding a diary addressed to her, written by her future self. With the information in the diary, present-day Bulma would probably be able to create enough fuel for the time machine's journey back into the future.

While the plot-building was engaging and informative, however, the main draw of this episode featured Black Goku finally making it back to the past. As could be seen in the Episode, Black Goku is equipped with a Time Ring, enabling him to shift back to the past. His entrance, in front of the Z fighters in the present, is regarded by many Dragon Ball fans as one of the best villain entrances to date.

The episode ultimately ends with Black Goku and Goku glaring intently at each other in classic Dragon Ball style. With this final scene, the next episode, which would feature a battle between the two Gokus, was set up.

Due to the perceived power difference between Black Goku and Goku, many fans are speculating that the conclusion of the fight between the two powerful characters would have a very surprising and surely unexpected conclusion.

Considering the fact that Dragon Ball Super has so far pleasantly surprised its fans with the Future Trunks arc so far, however, such assumptions might actually be accurate.