Ben Affleck still "loves" Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice even if many critics and fans did not.

It's no secret that Batman v Superman did not score the reviews it was hoping for, with a rather middling 27 percent out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics cited the ultra-serious tone and overstuffed plot as main complaints in their reviews, even though audiences flocked to the film in droves.

Affleck, who plays Batman/Bruce Wayne in the film, admitted in a new interview that he "loved" Batman v Superman, despite some of the negative public opinion.

"I loved it," Affleck told Fox 5, while promoting his new film The Accountant. "It's the biggest hit of my career and had a lot of editorial negativity, although I think the reviews -- fans went, and I got a lot of positive response. It was interesting, that movie, because it was judged not necessarily on execution so much as its tone."

Many a meme was made during the Batman v Superman press junket about Affleck being "sad" in many of his interviews, suggesting he wasn't particularly pleased to be part of the film. However, his new comments certainly indicate that he was happy with how the film turned out.

"Some people, people seemed to want to have a lighter tone to the movie, and I thought that was interesting because that's subjective. Tone isn't like a qualitative thing, it's subjective, right?" he continued. "Some tones resonate with me and might not with you. And the tone of the movie was really parallel to the Frank Miller book, which I liked and thought was great. I'm glad that so many people went and so many people liked the movie and it worked out."

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital. The "Ultimate Edition", featuring many more minutes of footage, is also available.