Hillary Clinton Petition: Democratic Nominee's Supporters Hope Electoral College Changes Its Votes [VIDEO]

It looks like America will have another instance of one candidate winning the presidency and the other winning the popular vote.

Hillary Clinton is poised to receive more votes in the presidential election than Donald Trump, but the latter's victory in the Electoral College makes him the President-elect. The same thing happened in 2000 when the even-closer George W. Bush-Al Gore race concluded with the Democratic nominee winning the popular vote and the Republican nominee winning the Electoral College and therefore the presidency.

But now there is a groundswell of Clinton supporters who hope to reverse this. A new Change.org petition has been started, with the hope of getting the Electoral College to change its mind.

"On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine - which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!" the petition reads.

The petition, titled 'Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19', notes that Trump is simply unfit to serve as the president of the United States due to his actions during the campaign season and his past quotes and behavior. They also use Clinton's victory in the popular vote as another strong reason to consider signing this petition.

"24 states bind electors. If electors vote against their party, they usually pay a fine. And people get mad. But they can vote however they want and there is no legal means to stop them in most states," the petition reads.

Close to 700,000 people have already signed the petition, with the goal being 1 million.

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