The MacBook Air 2017 which will be the next iteration of the slimmest and sleekest laptop from Apple might not hit the market shelves anymore. This has been roaming all over the wire ever since the Cupertino-based company has been speculated to ditch the Air lineup.

ValueWalk has learned some of the possible indications that the MacBook Air 2017 will not be released. The first in the list is that Apple is considering reducing the MacBook production by up to 16% this year. The tech company is anticipated to manufacture 13.6 million laptops which were 3 million units less than the over-all number of MacBook produced last year. It seems that the expected decrease will be attributed to the MacBook Air.

Aside from that, it is noticeable that the MacBook Pro is being produced with small, thin and light attributes which were known characteristics of MacBook Air. This also signifies that Apple Inc. may discontinue the latter.

Furthermore, Macworld has reported that a Tech Blogger named Jack March has claimed that he was able to talk to a source who has affirmed that Apple will be ditching the MacBook Air lineup. The informant further stated that the iPad Air products will also be removed to the iPad lineup.

As of now, it really seems that Jack might be unquestionably correct with what he has learned. This was because of the speculations that Apple won't be releasing an iPad Air 3 now that the iPad Pro has a 9.7in option. Also, the MacBook Air doesn't seem to suit logically in Apple's lineup since the new MacBook Pro is here boasting thinner and lighter attributes.

Apple Inc. hasn't confirmed these speculations about the MacBook Air, but then, there is still a possibility that the Cupertino-based company will discontinue this lineup. Moreover, the patrons who are waiting for the Air 2017 is advised to stay tuned for further details to be spilled by the tech giant.