Fans have been waiting for so long to see "Frozen 2" on the silver screen. Now, the long wait might be over as Disney is said to be working hard to develop the sequel to the movie franchise.

In an interview with the movie producer Peter Del Vecho by Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that they are now working for "Frozen 2." "We're in the development writing process and are very excited by it. Like all movies, it will evolve."

Although "Frozen 2' remains to be Disney's top secret movie, Del Vecho revealed that it would be built from the original film. He further explained that viewers will understand more the first movie after they have watched the sequel.

Moreover, Del Vecho admitted that details of "Frozen 2" are now their top secret, but revealed that it is now in development stages of writing. Hence, this means that nothing is final yet and things can still be changed.

To recall, the 2013 original movie is the retelling of the Snow Queen's story. It is followed by another short movie in 2015 titled "Frozen Fever." Two years have passed from the last installment; Disney is now doing "Frozen 2."

"Frozen 2" storyline has yet to be revealed, but the movie's producers assured that fans are about to see the original film in a different way. MstarsNews reported that viewers might be treated to see the origin story of Elsa's powers and curse.

To recall, in the first film, she can control the snow and ice to move. In "Frozen Fever," her powers grow that even made her stronger. Thus, in "Frozen 2," there is a big possibility that she will be dealing with her abilities once again.

Meanwhile, Disney has yet to reveal the release date of "Frozen 2," but some believed that it will be out in 2019. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are set to be back playing their respective roles as Anna and Elsa along with Josh Gad as Olaf. The film will be directed once again by Jennifer Lee.