Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy Note 8 but weeks before the launching, some reports were claiming that the company will incorporate its biggest upgrade ever in the said device. This massive device reportedly has one final secret and the company has managed to make this happen in this latest phablet.

It was reported by Forbes that Samsung will incorporate a pressure sensitive technology into the Galaxy Note 8 perfect for its huge 6.4-inch display. With this feature, it was said that the users will get to apply different levels of pressure to the huge display which also allow for new and easy functionality.

Previous reports also claimed that Samsung will also incorporate 3D-Touch which is a feature popularized by Apple in their previous iPhone models. That's why this already sounds familiar since the last two generations of iPhone come with this feature. Because of this, an inevitable joke came out which said that Samsung was copying Apple.

However, some claimed that iPhone 8 will sport same features which Samsung already incorporated in their previous devices. Reports were rife that iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch almost bezel-less display, return to a glass back and wireless charging which are already featured on Galaxy smartphones. In short, every smartphone company copies each other in order to offer the best smartphone in the market.

BGR also added that the 3D Touch will also let Samsung replace all the functionality of a home button and open a hidden menu with the help of shortcuts to different features. Users will still determine if this works smoothly when the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched sooner.

Apart from the 3D Touch, the Galaxy Note 8 is said to feature a smaller battery, not like the Galaxy Note 7 and it has something to do with the incorporation of the 3D Touch. Apple uses a relatively large motor in order to accommodate the said feature which also forced them to reduce the size of the iPhone 6s battery. If Samsung will push through with the 3D Touch, it has no choice but to limit the size of the Note 8 battery.

Lastly, it was claimed that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost over $1,000 that's why perhaps the feature will be incorporated o give justice to the cost. Users and consumers need to wait until the said device will finally be launched this year.