Latest reports about the development of "Indiana Jones 5" claimed that Shia LaBeouf will no longer reprise his role and be included in the said film's installment. The fans might see another bullwhip and iconic fedora in another adventure in the said movie, but they should not expect to catch Matt Williams played by LaBeouf tagging along.

This latest report as mentioned also on New York Daily News was confirmed by the "Indiana Jones 5" screenwriter David Koepp and added that LaBeouf will not return for the upcoming film. It can be recalled that the actor first joined the franchise in its 2008's "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" as he played the son of Indy.

As LaBeouf's character will not be seen in the upcoming "Indiana Jones 5", Harrison Ford will still play as the Indiana Jones and that is the certain detail as of now. Because Ford will reprise his role in this film, this will mark the fifth time the actor has played the adventuring Jones since 1981 in the "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Some reports claimed that the decision to remove LaBeouf's character out the movie doesn't come as a big surprise. After all, in one of his interviews last 2010, he said that the ending of the "Crystal Skull" will surely imply that he is poised to take the reins of Ford's legacy being the new face of the franchise in its next the final scene of the said film, Indy's hat was blown to LaBeouf's feet by a breeze and this provided a symbolic implication.

But even if LaBeouf will no longer be seen in the "Indiana Jones 5", Koepp is likewise confident that he has written a worthy addition to the film's cast. He also added that they have gotten a script they are mostly happy with and the work will be endless.

Seven years prior to this news, according to Collider, LaBeouf revealed in a bombshell interview he gave to one publication that he was not that happy with his performance in "Crystal Skull". He simply lambasted his own performance in the said series and also implied that the fans were unhappy with it too.

LaBeouf also added in the said interview that he felt he just dropped the ball on the legacy that fans cherished and loved. Then he said that if he was going to do this twice, his career was over and perhaps this also gave an implication to his character's departure in "Indiana Jones 5".