Since the middle of September, a plethora of allegations against certain Hollywood moguls not only made headlines but also caught the attention of the authorities as well.

Charles Beck, chief of police for the Los Angeles Police Department, has reported the LAPD is investigating 28 sex crime cases in Hollywood. Among those being investigated are, Harvey Weinstein, Ed Westwick, Murray Miller, and Tyler Grasham.

Beck has stated that because of the high volume of allegations that the LAPD has received, 37 cases have already been passed to other jurisdictions.

"We recognize the significant trauma these victims suffer at the hands of the predators who commit these heinous crimes. Our detectives are coordinating closely with our local prosecutors and other police agencies, including the NYPD. The high-profile nature of these particular cases has not changed our unyielding commitment to seek justice for ALL victims of sexual assault," Beck said in a statement.

Corey Feldman was one of the first actors to have his case looked into. While his allegations were considered to be passed the statute of limitations, Beck did commend Feldman for his bravery and hopes that others will do the same.

Reportedly there are two different teams of detectives that are assigned specifically to the entertainment industry. Beck anticipates that more cases will be open in the near future.

"We anticipate the LAPD and other jurisdictions will receive even more high profile sex crime reports in the coming weeks and months. We encourage all victims of sexual assault to come forward to report these crimes."

Since Weinstein was exposed back in September, more men in the industry have been accused of rape, assault, or harassment. Weinstein is denying all claims against him even though it has been reported that Weinstein allegedly paid of eight of his accusers.

Westwick has also denied accusations against him after three women came forward and claimed that Westwick raped them. Two of his accusers made their allegations against him via Facebook and the third victim sat down in an interview with Buzzfeed to recount her story. 

Certain A-listers have started to take matters into their own hands. It was reported that Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Natalie Portman have secretly been meeting with other powerful women in the entertainment industry to combat the epidemic of sexual violence in Hollywood. There will also be a hotline available soon for anyone who has experienced any sort of sexual misconduct in the past.