Brandi Glanville may have once been a part of one of the most glamorous casts on television but according to Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, she's a bit of a slob.

Following a year-long stint on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother, where she reportedly made a name for herself as one of the messiest and loudest guests in the house.

"Apparently celebrities didn't know nannies and housekeepers weren't going to be there," he mused to Entertainment Tonight Canada, via a Feb. 27 report by The Daily Dish.

McGrath then took aim specifically at Glanville, claiming the mother of two was both the "messiest" and the "loudest" of all his roommates.

"I say it with all love and due respect, but Brandi gets it started," he explained. "She'll tell it sort of like it is — because she lives in Brandi world ... she was fun to watch and entertaining to watch. She was the messiest by far, she was the loudest by far, and she tended to get a little mean-spirited at times. Especially with young James Maslow ... it was interesting to see them go back and forth."

Although McGrath may not have been a huge fan of Glanville personally, he admitted that she is entertaining.

"There's a reason why she does what she does," he said.

Glanville joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011 as a friend of former cast member Adrienne Maloof. As fans may recall, Glanville had previously been involved in a messy split from her former husband, Eddie Cibrian, who infamously cheated on her with country singer LeAnn Rimes, who he later married.

Cibrian was also sleeping with Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie during his nine-year marriage to Glanville.

For years, Glanville was a fan favorite on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, after beginning to feud with all of her co-stars, including former friend Lisa Vanderpump, she was removed from her full-time role on the show.

Following her exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville appeared on a number of reality shows, including Celebrity Apprentice, Famously Single, My Kitchen Rules, Gay for Play Game Show Starring RuPaul, Celebrity Big Brother U.K., and, most recently, Celebrity Big Brother.

Glanville finished in seventh place on the U.S.-based version of Celebrity Big Brother earlier this month.