Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's relationship is going stronger than ever! This is proven by their recent red carpet appearance.

Reynolds and Lively's marriage is from being on the rocks despite being seen together less in public. The power couple have last graced a red carpet in October last year during the premiere of the latter's All I See Is You.

Of late, the couple was seen on Thursday night in New York for the premiere of Final Portrait. Reynolds and Lively looked madly in love, with their arms wrapped around each other on the red carpet.

This just goes to show that a quiet celebrity couple doesn't always equate to them heading the Split Town or Divorceville. Additionally, photos from the premiere night showed them looking at each other's eyes. Lively stunned everyone with her usual A+ stage presence as she donned a black and white dress. Reynolds also looked dapper as he matched his girl's look.

Social Media Presence

Yes, public appearances of Reynolds and Lively have been rare these days, but that doesn't mean they stopped teasing each other in social media. After all, that's probably what the fans love about them, that they never run out of antics for each other for the world to witness.

The recent of which can be watched in Deadpool 2's trailer, which showed the titular character played by Reynolds saying, "That is why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is pure pornography." Lively played Bridget, one of the stars in the film about the book of the same name.

Of their banters on social media, the famous ones were probably the photos each shared to wish each other a happy birthday. Lively used a photo of Reynolds and Ryan Gosling to send her well wishes on her husband's special day, but what won her fans over was her cropping the Green Lantern star.

She cropped Reynolds so much that only half of his face was visible while Gosling had been shown fully. However, the Gossip Girl's move was only a successful revenge on her beau, who was first to do the deed.

In August last year, Reynolds took to Instagram to share his "heartfelt" message for his wife's birthday. He shared a photo of them on a red carpet appearance, but he cropped half of Lively's face, while his took center stage.

With this, it clearly is not rocket science to know that a little spice adds flavor to Reynolds and Lively's marriage. Add to that their wonderful two blessings, Ines and James.