Bow Wow was met with lots of love and compassion when he posted a shocking message on Instagram recently. Still, he blasted his on-again-off-again mentor and friend Jermaine Dupri on social media just days after.

It’s no secret that Bow Wow is often the target of social media memes and jokes these days. Still, many fans encouraged the rapper-turned-actor after he seemed to have an emotional meltdown on social media this weekend.

He shared a snapshot of himself walking. While the photo seemed to be normal, it was the caption that raised eyebrows.

“I REALLY wish I never existed… I can never do s*** RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off….”

Fans Are Here For Bow Wow

Fans filled in the blanks themselves and suggested that Bow Wow was contemplating hurting himself or doing the unthinkable.

One fan pointed out that Bow Wow as “sending signs” that he desperately needed help, and dozens encouraged him to pray.

Other fans stood by Bow Wow and pointed out his past success as a “legendary rapper” and actor. More fans reminded Bow Wow that he has a daughter, Shai Moss, to live for as well.

Bow Wow has yet to respond to any of the fans’ comments. Still, he left the photo and the caption on his Instagram page.

This also came after Bow Wow was allegedly beat up for blasting rapper Future. Rumor has it Future is dating Bow Wow’s ex and the mother of his daughter, Joie Chavis. Bow Wow also received lots of criticism when he allegedly blasted Chris Brown in a new song.

Bow Wow And Jermaine Dupri Feuding Again?

Interestingly enough, Bow Wow called out Dupri on Twitter Monday, just days after what was described as an emotional meltdown on Instagram. He hinted to Dupri that if he didn’t pick up his phone, he would let fans know that Dupri was with a celebrity. This comes amid speculation that Dupri is back with Janet Jackson.

Bow Wow followed it up with another tweet and made it clear he was only kidding and that it was a way to get Dupri’s attention because he wasn’t answering his phone call.

Still, many fans assumed it was a serious warning, as an alleged feud between Bow Wow and Dupri sparked recently. The two seemed to be in completely different headspaces on the recent season of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta along with other drama from the show. It might be safe to say it's nothing more than typical family issues.

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