Kristin Cavallari speaks out about a potential The Hills reunion during her appearance on Sirius XM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show.

Earlier this week, the mother of three told host Jenny McCarthy about potentially reuniting with her co-stars but said that the planned reunion of The Hills cast did not ultimately happen because of a couple of her co-stars.

“Truth be told, they were trying to get us all together... Then two people pulled out,” Cavallari explained to McCarthy as reported by People magazine on April 3.

Cavallari initially said “no comment” after being asked if those two people were Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. However, she then explained that there was a very specific reason why the reality couple was unable to participate in a potential reunion with her and their other co-stars.

“They have another contract so they’re not able to do it. I’m spilling all the beans today,” she said.

Perez Hilton Denies Kristin Cavallari's Claim

After reading what Cavallari had said about Montag and Pratt online, blogger Perez Hilton took to his Twitter page and said that her comments contradicted what the couple told him on their podcast. He then asked Montag and Pratt "What gives????”

In response to Hilton's post, Montag said she and Pratt wanted a contract and confirmed that Cavallari's statement is true.

Meanwhile, Pratt added that he was in a contract with another network but not MTV. He further said he would ultimately like to partake in a The Hills reboot much like the recent reboot of Jersey Shore titled Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Kristin Cavallari Reveals True Feelings About Spencer Pratt

Although Pratt is known for his bizarre antics on camera, Cavallari said he wasn't nearly as crazy as he seems on television. In fact, she said that despite having a little bit of crazy inside, he's actually a funny guy and his life at home with Montag is “pretty normal" at the moment.

'The Hills' Was All 'Fake'

According to Cavallari, who also starred in Laguna Beach, the mother show of The Hills, she knew going into production that the series would be a job.

She then confirmed that she had fake fights and fake relationships for the sake of the show. Cavallari even said that 90 percent of what viewers saw on the series was "manufactured."