Author and life coach Tony Robbins is in hot water following his controversial remarks regarding the ongoing #MeToo epidemic.

Robbins addressed the sexual harassment movement last month during his event "Unleash The Power Within" in San Jose, California.The philanthropist commented on the movement, saying that some women are using the cause to their advantage by attacking another person's character.

"I'm not knocking the #MeToo movement; I'm knocking victimhood. If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance, and certainty by attacking or destroying someone else, you haven't grown an ounce," he stated to the crowd.

The author's remarks were also challenged by a woman who was attending the event after he had continued saying that the movement has made powerful men "afraid" of hiring attractive women.

Robbins' remarks didn't go unnoticed, however. One of the attendees recorded what he said about the matter and uploaded the video to YouTube.

Tarana Burke, the creator of the #MeToo movement, responded to Robbins' insensitive remarks on her Twitter account and slammed the life coach for his ignorance.

Tony Robbins Issues An Apology

The self-help guru admitted to seeing the errors in his comments and apologized for what he said. He quickly responded to Burke's statement on Sunday, Apr. 8 and referred to the movement as "a beautiful force for good" in his Facebook post.

Has #MeToo Gone Too Far?

The powerful campaign, which has become a widespread topic following the outing of several men in Hollywood who sexually abused women, has been recognized for addressing the issues that have been "swept under the rug" for years.

However, while it has been seen as "a force for good," some have also spoken against the movement. Comedian Aziz Ansari, who was accused of sexually abusing a woman, was called out for tarnishing #MeToo's hard work while others began to question to campaign's intentions.

Actor Matt Damon also came under fire for stating that some cases of sexual assault and harassment should be treated differently if the accuser in question was remorseful about his or her wrongdoings.

#MeToo has evolved as a trending topic following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, where more than 80 actresses accused the movie mogul of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse.