Will Ferrell is safe and unhurt after the freeway crash on Thursday night. Apart from this, he thanks the medical responders who attended to him and the others.

Another companion has also been released from the hospital in Orange County, but two remains in hospice care, though UTA said they are in stable condition. Ferrell remains to be at his friends' side while they get treatment.

He "has expressed his deep gratitude to the first responders who were immediately at the scene and to the hospital team that took such great care of them," the statement read.


The accident happened Thursday night before 11 p.m. at the northbound lane at Mission Viejo, Orange County. Ferrell's manager said the SUV, driven by a chauffeur, carrying Ferrell and two more, was hit by another vehicle whose driver had fallen asleep. As a result, the vehicle flipped on its side.

Ferrell and his colleagues came from a Funny or Die-sponsored voter registration event in San Diego where he brought out his Ron Burgundy role. Earlier reports say alcohol was involved after beer bottles were seen at the site of the accident. However, authorities ruled it out.

Witnesses said Ferrell was conscious when he was loaded into an ambulance, even calling someone from his cellphone. It was the woman, Carolina Barlow, who had major injuries, according to Sgt. Richard Peacock, and one source said she was the one who bled profusely.

Some reports stated that the female passenger was the only one who didn't wear seatbelt. The driver of the 2007 vehicle was also unhurt. No arrest has been made as of writing.

Well Wishes

Upon the eruption of news about Ferrell's accident, fans and friends of the Step Brothers actor took to social media to send their well wishes. Comedian Billy Eichner took to Twitter to explain that he was not in the same vehicle with Ferrell. He also expressed gratitude that everyone is safe.

Actor Jason Alexander wished Ferrell and those involved in the car crash a speedy healing. Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan uploaded a photo of him and the 50-year-old Daddy's Home star and expressed his happiness that his friend is sound.

User @DominicMejorada took to Twitter to express his shock over the incident. He said he was not at all ready to see another funny man go. @GreyMatters sent his prayers for Ferrell, which was resounded by most of the comedian's fans.