Word is Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish are still having issues. The comedian and actor admitted to cheating on Parrish last year.

Eniko Hanging On By A Thread?

Interestingly enough, Parrish was eight months pregnant when Hart shocked fans and posted a video of himself apologizing to Parrish and his children for his infidelity. While months have passed since the scandal and Parrish and Hart welcomed their son Kenzo, rumor has it the couple is still on the outs.

“Eniko has certainly been patient with him but she can change her mind at a moment’s notice and over the slightest infraction,” an insider revealed to Radar Online Tuesday, April 17. “When your husband cheats on you while you’re pregnant, you definitely reserve the right to have that power.”

While Hart has been open about his infidelity and said that he knows he will always look back and categorize it as “his dumbest moment,” the source added that there’s not much hope when it comes to Hart and Parrish staying married for the long run.

“Nobody who’s close to Kevin thinks this is going to work out in the end,” added the insider. “Kevin’s behavior created an imbalance in the relationship. But that won’t last and everybody’s warning Kevin to brace for it.”

Kevin's Infidelity In The Spotlight

Fans might remember Hart took to Instagram to confess to his infidelity. It came just after reports claimed that the alleged woman would make Hart pay to keep her quiet about their sexual activities together. Hart released a video on Instagram and made it clear he wouldn’t give money to an extortionist. He said he would rather admit to his family and his fans what he did than try to pay someone to keep his secret.

He went further months later and opened up about his cheating scandal with The Breakfast Club show in December. He said that he would have to pay for his infidelity and there was no way he could get beyond just admitting that it was all his fault. He said if he could teach his two sons anything, it would be to own up to their mistakes.

Meanwhile, it looks like Parrish and Hart are still going strong. The two have celebrated Kenzo’s arrival together and made it clear they were sticking with one another at his baby shower. While Parrish hasn’t spoken out on the matter, Hart said she’s received lots of backlash for staying with him.

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