Tyler Perry got Tiffany Haddish, the star of his upcoming movie, the best gift ever. The director presented his actress with a brand new Tesla.

She Deserves It

Haddish is in Perry's upcoming movie, Nobody's Fool. The breakout actress and comedian, who's having a hell of a year thus far, shared on Instagram that the filmmaker actually gave her a new car after she talked on set about wanting one.

"So I got this message from my friend and Big Brother @tylerperry a week ago. When I tell you I cried so hard. I almost couldn't believe it," she captioned a series of videos, showing off the lavish present.

A video message shows Perry telling Haddish that he understands how difficult it is for her to drop a chunk of change on something big for herself, which is why he could never convince her to just go to the dealer and buy the car.

"So I wanted to gift this to you and say you deserve it and I'm excited for you," he says, before revealing the Tesla Model X, standing with a big red bow waiting for Haddish in Los Angeles.

The Girls Trip star went on to thank God for kind people like Perry who spread happiness. Haddish has been talking about buying a Tesla for a while now, even telling Ellen DeGeneres back in December that she was worried about the cost of it.

Although the host promised to let her rent a white one for a week, it never materialized, leading her to question whether Perry's gift was for real. Thankfully, the filmmaker came through in a big way.

She Won't Forget Her Roots

Speaking at the event An Evening With Tiffany Haddish this past Friday, the actress revealed she cried upon seeing the initial message from Perry.

 "I cried so hard because, you know, crying is nothing but a removal of old beliefs and the replacement of new ones. And it was a belief that like, oh, somebody would do something nice for you just because you are you," she admitted.

From her perspective, she was just doing her job as best she could and her director chose to do something incredibly kind for her in return.

Haddish opened up previously about having to live in her car while trying to make her dreams come true. The Girls Trip breakout star reasoned jokingly that at least now, she'll be doing it in a great car if ever she becomes homeless again.

Fellow actor and comedian Kevin Hart opened up previously about how he knew Haddish when she was really struggling. The two star together in upcoming comedy Night School.

Haddish has had a great year since Girls Trip launched her into the stratosphere, and she has no plans to slow down. Other than tons of upcoming roles, she's also looking to get her production company ready to go so she can help other people get their start in the industry.