Katy Perry Scare: 'Roar' Hitmaker STRESSED With Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Katy Perry

Living in the middle of a global pandemic alone is already stressful, what more if you are an expecting mother who is pregnant with your first child just like Katy Perry?

In a recent heartfelt interview, the "Roar" hitmaker opened up about her life and how she will never forget being pregnant during the COVID-19 health crisis.

During a Facebook live video for "American Idol" last Sunday, the 35-year-old pop star revealed that she is facing some tough challenges while observing social distancing, isolation, and home quarantine.

One of the major struggles would be not having to fulfill her pregnancy cravings since most establishments have suspended their operation to prevent the spread of the coranavirus.

"I'm having cravings that I cannot necessarily fulfill if I want to," Katy said.

However, she clarified that despite these struggles, she is still thankful for a lot of things.

"But, you know, I think there is a lot of things that I am grateful for these days," she added.

When a fan asked if her newfound free time inspired her to write new songs for her next album, Katy said that while her eyes are set to make new music in the future, the whole coronavirus global pandemic has led her to "slow down" on things -- particularly with her plans.

"I think, in a weird way, being on lockdown has forced me to slow down-which is probably, in turn, really good while I'm growing a child," Katy said.

"And it's forced me to find even more balance. Because, when I have a child, I will still be at home, basically, and I'm not used to that. I'm used to, like, jet setting everywhere."

Ups And Downs

Aside from managing her emotions, an insider revealed that Katy and her fiance Orlando Bloom are experiencing some ups and downs in their relationship.

"They were excited about their wedding, and everything changed very quickly. They have had to adjust their lifestyle and everything they do. It hasn't been easy," the source told Us Weekly.

The report claimed that ever since Katy got pregnant, her relationship with the 43-year-old actor has changed a lot. Apparently, Katy is dealing with her first-time emotional pregnancy, while Orlando is stressing about having a baby during these challenging times.

Looking At The Silver Lining

Despite all the drama, the source said that the couple is trying to keep healthy by eating and exercising together. The source said that while the "American Idol" judge thinks about giving birth, she is hopeful that everything will calm down by the time their baby girl arrives this summer.

The couple is also said to be grateful for having time to slow down and spend time together. That is why they are taking things one day at a time.

After all that is happening to the world, Katy still feels optimistic that people are going to be stronger, more united, and empowered when this crisis is all over.

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