Ariana Grande As Meg in Hercules, Insider GUSHES on the Possibility!

Ariana Grande

Can Ariana Grande star in a "Hercules" movie? It's too soon to tell, but there is certainly clamor for it. One person very, very close to her, said there is also a huge potential!

According to Frankie Grande, Ariana's brother, the singer-actress, has everything it takes to take on a role in the "Hercules" movie. 

As reported by Hollywood Life, among the fans who are hard at work petitioning Ariana Grande to play Megara in the recently announced live-action adaptation of a Disney favorite, Hercules, is her very own adorable brother. Who knows her and what she can do but her own family, right? Speaking with the Entertainment news outlet, Frankie said that Meg would be an excellent character for Ariana because she is so strong in real life. 

"Honestly, my sister is one of the strongest female entrepreneurs or businesswomen at the top of her game," the 37-year-old continued, even describing the "Thank You, Next" singer as a complete "boss lady."

He said Meg in Hercules has the quality of a boss lady and a sassy princess, just like her sister. If there is any character Ariana should portray then it must be Meg. If Ariana would have the chance to play a Disney character, let it be someone sassy, strong, loud, and outspoken. Meg is just perfect for Ariana, Frankie positively gushed. 

The sudden clamor for Ariana to play the beloved Disney character while the country is presently in a quarantine comes as a surprise. But when it happens, people cannot really put the idea out of their minds. It started when she sang the memorable song from the movie, "I Won't Say I'm In love." This was sung by the character Meg and the Muses. 

In the original film, the song was amazingly delivered by Susan Egan but it cannot be denied that Ariana Grande sang it too to perfection. She even took each of the Muses' parts, making all sorts of jawdropping harmonizing with her own voice. The outcome is, of course, clean and pristine, driving her fans into a frenzy.

Ever since the singalong and the announcement of Disney that it will make the live-action happen, fans have been literally begging Ariana to play Meg.

They are not just making loud noises on their social media accounts. They actually make a petition to make it happen. At present, it already has tens of thousands of signatures.

Her brother's gushing will probably push the numbers even more. 

Ariana is no stranger to the world of Disney. After all, she got her debut acting jobs with the company, delivering popular shows like Sam & Cat, Queens, and more. She also performed the song "Beauty and the Beast" with John Legend for the live-action of that equally popular tale.

At present, though, Ariana Grande is still dealing with some rabid fans. She got a stalker who claimed to want to murder her. Thankfully, she was granted a restraining order against the stalker-crazy times for her. 

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