Long before the arrival of Pattinson as the next Bruce Wayne, "The Batman" director Matt Reeves expressed his desire to introduce a new version of The Joker.

While he failed to mention whether he wants to achieve it in the upcoming film, Reeves noted that he aims to apply it in a future DC Films project and sequel.

Among the Hollywood stars who want to be the next Joker is Depp, and a new fan art just granted his wish.

On Instagram, user and artist @mizuriau reimagined the character and made Depp the new Joker.

"Here's a little throwback and revisit of this concept I did of @johnnydepp's Grindelwald turned into Joker," the description says. "Sad to hear that he'll no longer be appearing in Fantastic Beasts 3, hope Warner Bros. gives him another chance in the future."


Depp recently suffered from career losses after his defeat against The Sun over the wife-beater claims. As a result, Johnny Depp's movies found replacements for the actor.

In the end, he lost his Captain Jack Sparrow on "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Gellert Grindelwald on "Fantastic Beasts" roles.

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The actor himself also said that he wanted to play the role in the future.

In 2020, insider Daniel Richtman revealed to We Got This Covered that the character on Pattinson's "The Batman" would help him regain his Hollywood dreams.

"Depp really wants Joker role. While talks with WB have stopped, [they] may resume if he wins trial and he thinks it could get him an Oscar," he said.

For years, the Joker role has been brought to life by several stars, including Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix.

Depp Always a Fan-Favorite

Aside from the recent fan-art, another artist already shared his own Depp-style Joker.

On Instagram, BossLogic turned Depp's photo from his movie "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" into breathtaking fan art.

Fans then showed their approval and claimed that it would be interesting to allow him to become the character.

Unfortunately, no one can do anything about his career yet. But fans can hope Warner Bros. changes its mind and allow Depp to be part of their company again.

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