The talks about the "Pirates of the Caribbean" reboot with Margot Robbie as its lead began to emerge this year.

Currently, there are no available details about Robbie's upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean" film aside from the fact that it would be a reboot.

The Walt Disney Company reportedly wants to change the track of the Pirates movie despite its billion-dollar success under Depp. The reason behind the heartbreaking decision came after the Captain Jack Sparrow actor failed to prove the wife-beater claims The Sun and Amber Heard made.

Now that the Mouse House will move forward with a female-led film, fans and critics warned that making it a reboot could lead to a flop.

"Pirates of the Caribbean": Should It Be A Spin-Off or a Reboot?

In the film industry, making a reboot means restarting the whole story again - trashing its previous predecessor to give way for its new characters and plot lines.

Meanwhile, spin-off continues the previous story. It gives more details and aspects of the original work without spoiling both creations.

With that said, creating a "Pirates of the Caribbean" reboot means erasing Depp from the franchise completely. Although his films would still be available to watch on different platforms, his Captain Jack Sparrow's identity would be completely distinct this time.

According to Screen Rant, most reboots these past few years also suffered from embarrassment after hoping for a better result. For instance, "Power Rangers," "Ghostbusters," "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Tom Raider," and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," - among others - all had hit predecessors before the reboots came in.

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"Reboots are forced to re-establish the basic premise and tone of their fictional universe, which too often results in familiar origin stories that offer little to draw in new viewers and inevitably invite (often negative) comparisons to the original movies for existing fans," the news outlet explained.

Unfortunately, Disney might face the same faith, especially it is choosing a female star to lead the franchise.

For what it's worth, previously explained why a female element in a reboot may not bring continued success to the franchise.

On average, female reboots receive 1.6 fewer stars compared to their original male-led movies. Female-led films have problems with budget departments, as well. Per Casino, female-led reboots have smaller budgets across the board.

Thus, a "Pirates of the Caribbean" spin-off would put the Mouse House at ease, as far as budgets and box office earnings are concerned.

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