DMX received heartwarming tributes from his family and friends on the last day of his funeral.

Before DMX reaches his final resting place, his family and friends gathered and delivered their messages to the rapper for the last time.

On Sunday, BETNetworks' official YouTube channel began the live stream of DMX's procession and funeral titled "DMX: Homegoing Celebration." The video, which is still ongoing, has over 50,000 viewers who want to witness the rapper's final moment.

"Earl "DMX" Simmons was an icon whose musical impact transcends across generations. We continue to celebrate his life and honor him as we stream DMX's Homegoing Celebration Sun 4/25/21. The legend is gone but never forgotten. Rest In Power #BETRememberDMX​," the caption says.

DMX Funeral

His family holds the event at a New York City church following a larger event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Before laying DMX to rest in New York after the tribute, his family - especially his children - stood up to the podium and delivered highly emotional messages for their late father.

One of his daughters, Sasha, sobbed throughout her speech. She recalled how she finds it difficult to know how the world will continue spinning even without her father around anymore. In addition, she expressed her heartbreak of not seeing him as she graduates from college or gets married.

Despite her personal desires, Sasha said that her father, finally at peace, is more important. She went on to say that she feels more at ease knowing that DMX is no longer in pain.

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The speech moved the crowd so much that every time the camera panned out to people, it can be seen that everyone was sobbing hardly.

While Sasha emotionally delivered her message, DMX's younger children remained well-composed as they remembered their father.

For instance, DMX's son Manny joked about how his father always asked him about his "many girlfriends." But kidding aside, the rapper reportedly left powerful advice asking his children to listen to him but never follow in his footsteps.

According to Manny, his father does not want anyone to travel the same rocky road.

Aside from the children, speakers from Ruff Ryders and Swizz Beatz also gave their last remarks for the late member. They accompanied DMX during the funeral procession and followed the Ford F250 monster truck with their motorcycles.

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