Simone Simmons, one of the late Princess Diana's closest friends, is speaking out about the infamous 1995 interview, which she said costed the life of the late Princess of Wales.

Diana appeared on BBC's "Panorama" in 1995 where she was interviewed by renowned British journalist Martin Bashir. Footages from the interview is nowhere to be found in all platforms of BBC but a YouTube channel was able to re-upload the clip

(check out the video below)

In a statement released to The Sun, Simmons claims that the princess was "conned" to appear on the said show and the comments led to her devastating death.

"Diana was conned into doing the programme" Simmons said.

She also mentioned that Diana agreed to do the interview because the Princess thought the show is going to feature her charities "She had a lot of information on the table about her charities because she was led to believe Martin Bashir was doing an interview about them." she stated.

"She came in very excited and said 'Simone, he is going to do a programme about my charities, isn't that wonderful'. I thought it was brilliant." Simmons added.

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She also mentioned that the journalist had fabricated lies to win Diana's trust.

Bashir had told the princess on the interview that her "phones were bugged" and "her staff were selling stories" to media outlets, "But as time went on nothing transpired and we all know what happened. He lied to her. He said her home was bugged and phones were tapped." Simone said.

Simmons, who's a spirtual healer, also mentioned in her statement that Bashir had destroyed the late Princess' mental health "He was an out and out b*****d. He destroyed her psychologically and made her paranoid - saying the royals wanted to bump her off and distrust her loyal staff and friends."

She also believes that Diana would've been alive today if the interview didn't happen "There is no doubt in my mind that Diana would still be alive today if she hadn't spoken to Bashir." she stated.

BBC's "Panorama" Interview with the late princess aired in November 1995 and has been watched by 23 million people. In the said interview, the princess had also describe her love affair with James Hewitt.

She had also revealed Prince Charles' infidelity with Camilla saying "Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."

Today, the world is waiting for the findings of the independent inquiry, filed by Lord Dyson, on how Bashir used deceitful tactics to have Diana's controversial statements.

Dyson claims that the Journalist had forged bank statements and other documents for him to win the late princess' trust.

As per Simmons, she had also provided evidence to the ongoing inquiry request.

Bashir had already left BBC last week because of COVID-related complications.

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