The film "Paddington 2," the highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes, lost its spotlight due to a single negative review.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the universally-beloved flic's Tomatometer dropped to 99%, which ties with a movie called "Citizen Kane."

Posted on May 28, Eddie Harrison from posted the review that concluded Paddington's month-long reign as the best-reviewed movie of all time.

The critic's issues with "Paddington 2" include everything from the design of the main character, calling it "evil, beady eyes and ratty fur." He also mentioned Ben Whishaw's voice work describing it by saying it "sounds like a member of some indie-pop band coming down from an agonizing ketamine high." And of course, he also touched on the plot of the story and how the bear acts not from his liking.

Movie Critic Eddie Harrison Mentions Bold Criticism On The Story Of "Paddington 2"

According to Harrison, the depth and realism of the original "Paddington" stories are noticeably missing from the modern retellings, giving him the reason to place 2 out of 5 stars for the movie.

As the critic considers race and identity, he wrote, "the key to the Paddington character, are not addressed, and the situations that this Paddington finds himself in are contrived and ridiculous."

"It simply shouldn't happen to a bear," he exclaimed. Just as the review was about to come to an end, Harrison concluded his review of the lovable bear with some bold declarations.

"This is not my Paddington Bear, but a sinister, malevolent imposter who should be shot into space, or nuked from space at the first opportunity," described by the critic.

The paragraph continues adding "Overconfident, snide, and sullen" that the bear we know of has little relation to the classic character and will never be the Paddington bear that you know of. "Maybe if you've never seen the tv show and don't know any better, this'll work, but long-term Paddington fans will find this too much to bear."

Despite the reviews made by Harrison for "Paddington 2," others would still call this 2017 film "a guiding light in the dark" and even along with the word "perfect."

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"Leave No Trace" Movie Takes Over The Top Spot On Rotten Tomatoes After "Paddington 2" Negative Review

The review that Harrison made was initially delivered on BBC Radio, which declares that "the charm is entirely missing" from not just "Paddington 2" but from its first part of the film as well. Just as then, no one has found that 2017 review back then.

As Paddington 2 went down, the drama Leave No Trace becomes the new #1 at 100% with 238 ratings. The film was directed in 2018 by Debra Granik which starred Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie.

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