Rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., releases a new music video despite him and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris being investigated for sexual abuse allegations.

The music video for his song "What It's Come To" features news reports about the accusations brought to him and Tiny.

At the beginning of the video, a couple of shots feature what appears to be an investigation board that includes printed-out copies of reports about the couple. The board is complete with notes as well as yarns that are connected to one another. (Watch the full music video below)

Before the track plays, a quote from family therapist Syreeta Butler appears on the screen that reads "A toxic person will create drama and then portray themself as a victim." seemingly addressing his alleged victims.

Both the rapper and Tiny appeared in the video.

The lyrics of the song also seem to be referencing his accusers, the line reads "I'm cranking up the jury, who you lying on, shawty?" he rapped. "Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty?" he added.

The couple had also questioned the credibility of their accusers in a scene. As seen in the video, a couple of women were featured texting each other saying "Ok y'all got stories about Tip and Tiny?" a girl texted. "Oh I got all kinds of bullsh*t I can make up..." another woman replied.

In the last part, a man, who appears to be a lawyer representing the women, held a press conference. He was later crushed by a falling piano in the end.

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Fans defend T.I. amid allegations

After the video was posted, which garnered 154,668 views at the time of this writing, fans immediately rallied their support to the rapper by commenting on the video.

"What's done in the dark will be soon be brought to the light" a fan commented along with a "100" emoji.

"Appreciate you speaking up and speaking out for you and your wife and family and all the men who have been accused of bad horrible things by women with bad intentions to destroy someone's life" another fan joined the discussion.

"TI ain't guilty y'all . This man is a good man" one fan added.

T.I. and Tiny under investigation

As we previously reported, The Los Angeles Police Department has officially opened an investigation about the couple after they were accused by dozens of women of sexual assault, harassment, and drugging.

Attorney Tyrone Blackburn represents the alleged victims. The victims' identity remains anonymous as per counsel's request.

Both T.I. and Tiny Harris deny all the allegations.

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