Ed Sheeran released a double whammy - an announcement that his newest album is around the corner and that he got a new killer tattoo. 

Ed Sheeran announced that a new solo single coming out in a matter of weeks. Naturally, fans are excited, given the fact that this is a first in four years already.

Even though fans were going wild over the prospect, it appeared that the 30-year-old wasn't quite so thrilled, posting a picture of him looking exaggeratedly horrified.

The singer can be seen clasping his head while making a wide grimace. He was in a simple blue t-shirt and leaning back on the sofa.

Ed Sheeran Grimaced at the Thought of Releasing a First Album in Four Years

"The moment you realise your first solo single in 4 years is coming out in a few weeks," he captioned the post. The grimace was probably an "oops, I did not know it was already that long" moment. 

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A fan replied, "The moment your fans realised the same thing, they started screaming ."

While others followed suit, others claimed they saw something that the singer was not really asking them to check out.

But then his pose is the culprit and no one else.


Because he raised his arms and placed them over his head, his arm sleeves became more revealing than he intended them to be. As a result, watchful fans found a new inking among the many already covering his arms - a killer whale on his left arm.

One happily wrote, "I spot a new tattoo ", while another implied he loved it: "The Tattoo ." One fan was unsure what he saw so he asked, "Is that a whale on your armpit? (That's probably the most weird thing I've ever written)."

Ed Sheeran Describes Newest Album

In an interview with Radio 1, he described his newest album as being "an amalgamation of all the records."

He then said that one simplistic description of the first single is that it is really different. 

The singer also said that he always like the uncertainty of releasing something new and awaiting feedback.

"Every time I've released a first single from an album I've been nervous about it because I'm like, "Oh, I don't know how this is going to go," and I like that feeling," he said. 

He just loves it when he's not releasing anything foolproof, but something quite unpredictable.

"I like the idea of putting something out and being like, 'I don't know how people are going to feel about this'," he added. 

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