'The Celebrity Dating Game' first-ever mystery guest is not such a mystery after "The Bachelorette" contestant Hannah Brown appears.

Based on this article by Daily Mail, the reality star is "looking for love again" as she guests on another dating-centered show.

Hannah prepared a few questions for the three male contestants who are in the race for her heart.

The suitors included Evan Faunce, a model and actor, Vishal Kal, a software engineer, and Jack Magness, a wall street investor.

The starlet's identity was hidden for most of the show and was only revealed when Hannah asked her suitors to guess who she was.

After hearing guesses of "Blake Lively," "Demi Lavato," and "Taylor Swift," the celebrity chose the third bachelor, Jack, who said the perfect date would be to "Netflix and Chill."

Number three further expounded on the date ide by saying he saw Hannah and him "putting on sweat[pant]s, ordering pizza, drinking wine" while watching a movie.

Hannah claimed that Jack had her at "pizza," while matchmaker Zooey Deschanel replied, "He had me at sweats."

'The Celebrity Game Show' Hosts Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton Recieve Lukewarm Reviews

TV broadcasting network ABC has begun airing a remake of 'The Celebrity Game Show,' with two new hosts to come with it.

Stepping up from the older "Chuch Barris" version, the game show assigned actress Zooey Deschanel and singer Michael Bolton to guide contestants during their journey in finding "the one."

According to The Guardian, the co-hosts are "not sufficiently experienced' to present any kind of show.

Deschanel is noticeably subpar with her teleprompter reading skills, looking frightened as she reads the script.

The presence of Michael Bolton is not yet determined as the host rarely has a line to say.

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Revival of Classic 70's Game Show Not Living Up To Expectations

The revamped show is not garnering the same level of attention as the original 'The Celebrity Dating Game' as producers try to spice it up.

The additional segment where host Michael Bolton sings a famous song changed the lyrics to clue in the participants about the celebrity guest.

This article also criticizes the show's persistence in sticking with the "groovy 70s" theme that the original show had going on.

The weirdest thing is that the show doesn't offer closure when the celebrity finally decides who to take out on a date as the episode blatantly moves on to the next starlet.

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