The Outlawz rapper Napoleon spoke up on the apparent love triangle between Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tupac (2Pac) in a new interview with "Art of Dialogue."

Complex reported that Napoleon, who has a close relationship with Tupac Shakur, claimed that Jada Pinkett Smith asked 2Pac not to beat up Will Smith, proving that the two had a complicated bond.

In the interview, he claimed that it might have been problematic for Pinkett Smith to be in a relationship with Will Smith.

"I remember when I first came around Pac, Jada Pinkett was in a movie-might have been the first movie she ever starred in, with the Wayans brothers."

The rapper described how 2Pac was so "engrossed" to the movie they watched in Atlanta, most especially to Pinkett Smith's role when they got a chance to watch her film.

The movie Napoleon was likely referring to the 1994 film "A Low Down Dirty Shame," which starred writer-director Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Outlawz's Napoleon Unfolds Past Stories About 2Pac And Jada Pinkett Smith

The former Outlawz rapper also told the story where it was the second time 2Pac talked about Jada and how he was upset during that time.

"Pac came in the room and was like, 'Jada, she gonna contact me and tell me don't do nothing to Will Smith.' So Pac was upset and said, 'I don't know why she think I would have tried to make some problems with Will Smith.'"

The statement that was made by the actress "kind of hurt him" as Napoleon described what 2Pac might have felt because he had a lot of love and respect for her.

According to this article, the nature of Pinkett Smith's relationship with Tupac Shakur has long been the subject of fascination.

Pinkett even shared a never-before-seen poem made by Shakur to celebrate the late rapper's 50th birthday, entitled "Lost Soulz."

"Pac wrote me many letters and many poems. I don't think this one has ever been published. I don't think he would have minded that I shared this with you guys," she said in the clip before reading the poem.

Last year, Will admitted he felt 'insecure' over Jada and Tupac's close friendship that they even refused to speak to the rapper whenever he was around.

It has long been rumoured that the pair were romantically involved. However, Jada has always insisted they were just friends.

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Will Smith Trending On Social Media After Napoleon's Interview

As the issue has been raised on Twitter, many were confused with why Will Smith is once again trending, as they said it is automatically related to whatever Pinkett Smith has done this time.

  More tweets were made, which showed support for Will Smith, proving that maybe he has other better choices than his current wife.

As it continues, after what more Pinkett could do, netizens listed down the reasons why they never wanted to have a wife like her.

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