2020 placed Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in the headlines because they both survived COVID-19, and were praised from being honest about their ordeal. Being the first celebrities to announce their diagnosis, they have helped many know more about this relentless virus. 2021 however, placed both in a negative spotlight as they are reported to have cut off their son financially. Turns out there is MORE to the story. 

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son Chet Hanks' ex-girlfriend, released new evidence of how dangerous Chet became at one point in their relationship, causing her to finally file a lawsuit against him. 

Last year, Kiana Parker held a press conference to reveal that she filed a civil lawsuit against Chet for battery and assault. She now revealed details of this abuse, linking it possibly to the time Chet was cut off by his parents.

She revealed a particularly violent altercation between her and Chet in a five-star hotel, which she never told anyone until now, not even to her parents.

She also substantiated her claims with text messages, claiming it took her so long to come forward because Chet said no one would believe Tom Hanks' son would do such a thing.

Chet Hanks Allegedly Beaten Up Kiana Parker Because She's Acting Like His Mom

Kiana Parker was beaten up so badly and emotionally scarred that she went to court to seek $1 million in damages. The incident took place in New Orleans hotel, fairly recently, because it just occurred in in the summer of 2020.

She told Radar Online that she was not in the then-couple's hotel room when her ex arrived, which apparently set placed him on edge and made him set off.

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"He sent me over 15 messages, saying all kinds of crazy things. That was the start of the abuse," Kiana told the magazine outlet, sending also two photos as evidence. The photos were alleged text messages between her and Chet. "I didn't think it was gonna get this serious, where he was gonna put his hands on me, but those were signs that should have clicked. I should have walked away then," she added. 

It can be seen in the first photo that Chet kept repeating the word (or demand) "Location." He then threatened her to reply because he is not "playing."

The second photo revealed Chet expressing regret, even though for exactly what is unclear. 

"I didn't mean any of that s--t. But I'm really disappointed in myself for saying it," he wrote Kiana.

Kiana responded with who "I just Don't [know] if this is a sign. That s--t hurt. What if I brought up rumors about ur family or just hit you where it hurt."

She added, "Idk man."

This promoted Chet to say that Rita Wilson, his mom has forever been dominating his dad, Tom Hanks, and it was for him, a bad thing to see. Feeling as if Kiana was going that route and disrespecting him "as the man" in the relationship was triggering, he said. He added that he really does not want to be like his father. 

"So talking about me & pushing up on me make you feel more of a man," Kiana replied. "Again if I said anything about your family business or rumors you would be looking at me crazy."

Chet Hanks Used his Father to Scare Kiana Parker to Silence

These text messages were already tension-filled, but nothing could have been worse for Kiana when Chet also hurt her physically - in a massive way.

"He was tossing me around, throwing things. That's the night he called me a 'ghetto Black b---h' and a lot of hurtful things," Kiana shared, although it is not clear whether this was before or after the text messages. "It was just different after that day."

Chet eventually apologized, which Kiana accepted, but found things have already completely changed between them after that. She also could not get over the fact that Chet used the "I'm a Hanks" remark to claim no one would believe her if she told.

At the time, she even believed that, so she did not share anything, not even to the people closes to her.

"I didn't share this story with anyone, not even my mom, and she's like my best friend. I was just embarrassed. I didn't want to tell anyone," she said. "And he made remarks like, 'No one will believe you. I'm a Hanks.' All those things. And I listened! I thought it wouldn't happen again, and months later, it was even bigger." 

Now she knows better and in hindsight, realized that this is what made her angrier by the whole situation, and eventually sued.

"He thinks he can get away with anything because of who his parents are, but that's not right," she added. "You can't go around treating and putting your hands and abusing women. You just can't do that. And trying to use your name as an excuse?" 

At present, the case is still ongoing. Kiana said since she filed her lawsuit, she and Chet are "definitely over."

She's now focused on healing, revealing the fact that because of the abuse, she had to get weekly therapy sessions. 


Chet Hanks is not just Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son though. He is also a musician in his own right, and even dropped a music video when Kiana Parker had a press conference about his rough treatment of her. Some said it was his attempt to cover things up. 

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