Following the sexual assault allegations against Trevor Bauer, he and his legal counsel appeared in a court hearing in Los Angeles to clear his name.

According to TMZ, the LA Dodgers star and his accuser faced in the courtroom. The hearing was scheduled because the prosecutors would like to determine whether the accuser's temporary restraining order should be extended or change into a permanent one.

Bauer's representative argues that he wants to send in three witnesses to contest the existing restraining order.

On the other hand, the woman will be calling six witnesses that will help her prolong the restraining order.

The NBL star's lawyer clarified in court that Bauer will not answer any questions that could "self-incriminate him" if ever he is called to stand by the judge.

The accuser's temporary restraining order will remain valid until August 2. The date of the proceedings has been moved because the athlete's lawyer needed more time to review legal documents.

Trevor Bauer's Accuser Shares Disturbing Details On Sexual Assault Allegations

In early reports, the unnamed woman filed an 84-page restraining order application last month. She detailed her unfortunate encounter with Bauer.

The woman alleges that the NBL star choked her unconscious, and she was penetrated anally without consent.

The accuser revealed that their alleged sexual relationship began with consent and later became a scary experience. She claims that she met Bauer through social media and immediately met up with him in Los Angeles.

During their first sexual encounter, the woman claims the Dodgers star started putting his finger down her throat aggressively. He also "wrapped" her hair around her neck, causing her to lose consciousness.

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When she woke up facing down the bed, Bauer allegedly forced himself into her causing her anus to bleed.

She mentioned that she was in deep pain and the athlete even joked with her the moment she woke up the next day.

The pair lost contact for a month but later had a sexual encounter again; at the time, they agreed to have a "safe word."

For the second time, she was allegedly choked unconscious again. When she woke up, Bauer is allegedly punching her face causing her lips to burst.

The accuser provided evidence like photos, voice recordings, and messages in her restraining order application.

Trevor Bauer Denies Allegations

Per the athlete's representative, they mentioned that they have a loophole regarding the claims.

He revealed that the woman is allegedly "turned on" with his choking as he received a message saying, "Gimme all the pain. Rawr."

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