After the release of "DONDA" and Kanye West claiming its release was out of his permission, Soulja Boy spent his time non-stop on Twitter and called out the 44-year-old rapper for taking out his supposed verse.

The screenshots that were shared by Soulja Boy, with a real name DeAndre Cortez Way, showed that West reached out to him for his new GAP campaign, as well as for "DONDA."

The two exchanged excitement for each other's work, and Soulja even agreed that they should work on fashion and music together.

According to the screenshots, the "Kiss Me Through The Phone" rapper was also seen sending a few audio files that could be for the track "Remote Control."

"This n***a Kanye smh, Tell homie dont hit my phone no more," Soulja Boy tweeted along with screenshots of his conversation with Ye.

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Soulja Boy Tweets Compilation

As reported by this article, "Remote Control" still made it onto "DONDA," although Soulja's supposed verse was swapped out, and Young Thug's verse took over.

Soulja responded to a fan's tweet where he was asked about what he thought about Kanye's album. And to his response, He indicated he doesn't know what to feel considering being left out of it.

The rapper started calling out the Grammy-award-winning producer during the weekend, August 30, and described him as "weird." And for his fans' response, they all agreed. As they found out that Soulja lost his position in the "Remote Control" track, numerous fans asked Soulja to leak his verse instead.

Soulja Boy's Unstoppable Rants

Another day has passed, and it seems like Soulja Boy still hasn't gone over "DONDA" and continued tweeting regarding his supposed-to-be collaboration with Kanye West.

He further called West, saying that he was "lame" for thinking he could be president, and even mentioned that he "needs help" after calling him to ask for help in his album.

The "Rick & Morty" singer even admitted that he hates working with West this time. Later on, he explained how they could solve this by saying, "if he didn't like the verse he should of said."

Aside from Soulja boy, Chris Brown also name-called Kanye West as he cut one of his verses and said he's "a whole h*e."

According to Page Six, the chorus of "New Again" featured Brown's vocals; however, an additional verse that he recorded was nowhere to be found.

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